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Services for individuals

Consultations are a special time.
Whether you come by recommendation of your doctor or because you wish to take stock of your diet, you can already congratulate yourself on this step for your health and we will work together so that our exchanges bring more well-being to your life.

Consultations individual

Nutritional programmes

* The “carte vitale” is not accepted, however, almost all health insurance companies reimburse all or part of the cost of dietetic consultations.
Do not hesitate to ask your health insurance company for information.

Individual consultations

1st Consultation
Dietetic assessment and diagnosis

This first appointment, at your request or in response to a medical prescription, allows us to get to know each other, to make a diagnosis and to establish together a plan with objectives and actions to achieve them.

If you have no contraindications (pregnant, medical electrical implant) and with your prior agreement, measurements of your nutritional status will be taken with the French electrode impedancemeter Z-metrix.
In addition, if you wish, I also give you access to a professional application for daily support.

Fee : 55,00 €

Follow-up consultations

More or less spaced out in time, according to your needs and constraints, these appointments at the office or remotely, allow to review and deepen on the objectives and actions established.

Fee : 40,00 €

ONCODIETS Consultations

This consultation, which is prescribed by a doctor or by the Cancer Treatment Centre (CLCC), allows patients to benefit from the continuity of nutritional care in the city, particularly for those who are nutritionally weak.

Fee : 40,00 €

Measurement with the impedance meter
French electrode Z-metrix
(and restitution of the results)

Learn more about your nutritional status or simply compare the results of Z-metrix (a non-deductive impedance measurement) with your home or gym impedancemeter.

Fee : 20,00 €

1st Consultation for 2
2 x assesments and diagnosis

For pairs: parent/child (+12 years), siblings, couple, friends… it’s by working together that you’ll find the motivation to achieve your nutritional goals.

Fee : 95,00 €

Nutritional programmes

10 consultations (1st assessment consultation + 9 follow-up consultations, the last 2 of which are free) at €330.
No cash advance, but the programme must be completed within 12 months of joining.

Growing up programme

This programme, dedicated to children aged 7 to 12 (and their accompanying parents), uses fun exercises and reference documents to encourage reflection, self-assessment and reaction on various nutrition-related themes.

The aim of the programme is to give your child every opportunity to build a solid nutritional foundation for healthy growth.

Duration: 10 sessions
Fee : 330,00 €


Congratulations! If you are going to become a mother or a mother again, you deserve a nutritional follow-up that adapts throughout your pregnancy and after. This program provides 10 nutritional consultations to be used during your pregnancy and up to 6 months after giving birth.
The aim of the programme is to support your baby’s development and your well-being during this important period for both of you.

Duration: 10 sessions
Fee : 330,00 €

Appointment on DOCTOLIB. Payment methods: cash, credit card and cheques

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