Dauga Diététique


Your dietitian nutritionist in Chantilly

In my office at 42, rue d’Aumale or through teleconsultation, I provide you with dietary and nutritional support adapted to your needs so that eating remains a pleasure at all times in your life and you find the levers to reach your objectives.

My approach

Multicultural :

Food is a need that is part of our culture, habits and beliefs. My consultations are therefore personalized and respectful of your identity.

Innovative :

I am constantly on the lookout for scientific trends and news, and I am always looking for original solutions or methods in the field of nutrition and health, but always on a reliable and proven basis.

Positive :

Whether you are a child or an adult, and whatever your reason for seeking help, we will build on your strengths and assets so that nutrition contributes to your well-being and quality of life.

Consultations can be in French, English, Spanish or German.

Supporting domains

Rebalancing the diet of overweight and obese children and adults

Controlling weight gain or loss

Nutrition and dietetics for infants and children (monitoring growth curves, diversification, oral disorders, allergies, etc.)

Support for pregnant women (with or without gestational diabetes)

Oncological assessment and follow-up (cancers). Member of the ONCODIETS network

Nutrition in the context of dyslipidemia (cholesterol, triglycerides…) and cardiovascular pathologies (hypertension, heart failure, stroke…)

Pre- and post-bariatric surgery support

Nutrition for the elderly (prevention of undernutrition, sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass), osteoporosis (loss of bone mass, dehydration…)

Nutrition for professionals with staggered working hours  (shifts)

Professional education

BTS dietetics – Académie d’Amiens

The role of nutrition in the management of chronic diseases (ETP) – Eduform Nutrition

Food, nutrition and cancer – AFDN

Nutrition and dietetics from infancy to adolescence – Eduform Nutrition

Associations & Networks

AFDN - Member and volunteer member of the international commission of the French Association of Nutritional Dieticians

CEDE - Member of the European Club of Childhood Dietitians

ADL - Member of the Association of Liberal Dieticians

ONCODIETS - Member of the network of liberal dieticians in oncology (cancers)

Legal frame

The dietitian nutritionist is a health professional who is a recognised expert in food, nutrition and dietetics.
The role of the dietician is to contribute to the maintenance and restoration of health, quality of life and well-being through diet.

All nutritional advice given is based on current national and international recommendations as well as on the results of scientific research (evidence based practice), with a view to protecting consumers who need legal benchmarks to be able to differentiate between a certified professional and the first person to come along.

In addition, as a health professional, the dietician-nutritionist is subject to a code of ethics and rules of deontology which guarantee an optimal quality of care.

The term “nutritionist” is a qualifier that does not define a profession, but can be used by any person (doctor, engineer, dietician, etc.) with a background in nutrition, and is therefore not a legally protected title.
Thus, the title dietician is protected under the Law n°2007-127 of 30 January 2007 – art. 14 JORF 1 February 2007 which provides a legal framework for the profession: definition of the dietician’s profession, its methods of practice, the issuing of the dietician’s diploma and its registration in the ADELI file.

Numéro d’ADELI : 60 95 0229 9